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Company Overview

In 1997 a group of South African scientists established Scientific Development and Integration (Pty) Ltd., a new research and development company with a core focus on isotope separation and CO2 laser technologies. In 2008, after eleven years of operation, the company changed its name to Klydon (Pty) Ltd, as it focused on proprietary applications for the nuclear energy industry and enrichment sciences. Klydon is one of a new cohort of technology enterprises that have flourished in the new South Africa, benefitting from the nation's deep pool of intellectual capital and positive environment for technology innovation. Klydon's major achievement has been the development of a proprietary isotope enrichment technology called the Aerodynamic Separation Process, or ASP. Klydon's ASP offers a low cost solution for a myriad of applications in the energy, basic materials, semiconductor and medical sectors. As a leading edge developer of isotope separation technology for critical path applications, Klydon works with best-in-class industrial partners to commercialize and deploy the Klydon innovations on a global scale.
Klydon aims to become a world class technology company and aspires to be at the forefront of isotope separation...
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The ASP technology is Klydon's proprietary technology for separating components of a gas mixture or different isotopes of a specific gaseous compound based on the mass difference of the gas components or the isotopes. The ASP technology offers a lower-than-benchmark cost alternative to isotope separation for uranium, but also has the ability to efficiently and economically separate isotopes of lower mass, the so-called 'lighter' isotopes...
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The enrichment of uranium is a critical step in the nuclear fuel cycle. As the new nuclear reactors are being constructed, and many more being planned, it is evident that the bottleneck in the industry will soon be enrichment capacity...
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By depleting the Zr-91, -92 and -96 isotopes in natural Zirconium, the neutron economics of nuclear power plants is greatly enhanced…
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Mono-isotopic Silicon can positively impact the semi-conductor industry by substantially increasing the thermal conductivity of natural silicon...
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Scientific overview of ‘Isotope Separation’:  What is an isotope? How are isotopes separated? What different processes are used in industry to separate isotopes? read more


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